Dispatch and transport

Once the sale period is reached, the roe is classified to eliminate all dead or non-fertilized eggs, as well as any impurities that may affect the correct evolution of the batch.
We then proceed to the disinfection with Iodophor and once rinsed, the eggs are counted and placed into expanded polystyrene (Poliexpan) trays. These in turn are placed inside Poliexpan boxes, leaving a space at the bottom for collecting fusion waters. A tray full of crushed ice is placed in the upper part to guarantee humidity and low temperature for transport.
Within the Iberian Peninsula, the roe is transported in isothermal vehicles for orders over 500,000 units. For smaller orders, we try to group consignments together to reach this number.

For all other countries, the roe is transported to the airport in isothermal vehicles and then by plane to the destination country.

The cost of unloading at the destination airport and any transport costs from there to the destination facility are the responsibility of the client.

Reception of the roe

Along with your boxes of roe, you will receive:
1. A delivery note with instructions on the back.
2. A reception report: we recommend your complete this and send it to us.
3. A certificate of health.
Sending information

With a view to improving future consignments, we would be very pleased to receive the completed questionnaire which comes with your delivery note. Please fill in the form once the acclimatization has been completed and send it to our offices as you see fit.

The information we receive will help us to optimize factors such as the quantity of ice, transport conditions and so on, tailoring our work to your specific case.

Client service

Our clients all receive personal attention and every consignment includes a survey with which you can record your opinion of everything involved in the reception of the roe. You may also make any suggestions you feel necessary.

This survey is sent directly to the production plant that carried out your consignment and they immediately record the answers.

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