In 1994, Ovapiscis was created by a group of trout producers keen on making quality roe with a genetic disposition towards high performance individual fattening, available all year round in industrial facilities.

Two years later, the company joined forces with Genética y Ovas (Genova SA) and since then has organized its production according to a common programme.

The roe is currently being produced in three facilities. Two of them are production and dispatch centres and are located in Aragón: Los Rigales and Galicia: Fonteo. The other is for future reproducers and is located in Castilla-León: Pozo Azul. All three are supplied with pure spring water to guarantee health and sanitation conditions.

Thanks to optimum water temperatures and photoperiod programmes adapted to each individual facility, roe is being produced all year round.

To guarantee a supply for our associates, it was necessary to produce a far higher quantity and offer part of the production to other fish farmers. The high acceptance of the product encouraged us to increase our production and offer it to other markets.

Our current production has reached 250 million eggs a year and makes us the number one producers of Rainbow Trout Roe in Europe. This allows us to guarantee a constant supply of batches to our associates and clients in eight countries.

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