Ovapiscis produces embryonic roe from rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss). Thanks to a system of photoperiods, which induce the trout to lay eggs, Ovapiscis has this product available all year round.

Technical data on the product
Product definition Fertilised roe from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) all female.
Origin From Ovapiscis
Presentation In an isothermal box made of non-self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene containing 5 trays (plus one tray to maintain the temperature), with a constant temperature of 6± 2 degrees within the package.
Use of the product Hatching and raising fish-fry
Handling and conservation instructions a) Do not expose to sunlight
b) Do not overturn
c) Do not leave more than 48 hours without renewing the water
d) Check the temperature on arrival and that of the incubation water
   Acclimatise the roe so that it does not suffer thermal shock, adding water little by little (avoiding dead areas in the tray where water does not pass) and maintaining the temperature. (For more details, please see Instructions for receiving the roe).
Consumers of the product Other fish-fry farms
Useful life The roe is sent 250 ± 20 degrees/days, which means that its useful life until hatching (at 320 degrees/days ± 10) will be 70 ± 30 degrees/days from the moment of dispatch.

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