All of our facilities are supplied with clean spring water and undergo strict health and sanitation controls.

Los Rigales: Genética y Ovas SA: The water is supplied by springs which rise in the municipal of Villanua, Huesca. After being used in the facility, the water goes on to join the Aragón river. It is situated in an Authorized Area, included in the Association for Sanitary Defence of Aragón and controlled by the Ictiopathology Laboratory of the Universidad de Zaragoza.

Fonteo: Ovapiscis SA: This centre takes its water from a spring formed at the source of the Eo river in Baleira, Lugo. It is situated in an Authorized Area and is controlled by the General Direction for Agricultural Health and Production of the Xunta de Galicia.

Pozo Azul: This facility takes its water from a spring which rises just a few metres away, forming a well which has been named "Azul" (Blue) for the clarity of its waters. Sanitarily controlled by the Agricultural and Livestock Service of the Junta de Castilla y León.

All consignments are systematically disinfected with Iodophor to avoid any possible transmissions on the outside of the eggs.

The ice used for transporting has been adequately treated to avoid any contamination.

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